Diego Maradona dribbles past Austin J.J. Okocha at the FIFA 94 World Cup in USA

It has been 2 weeks since the demise of arguably the greatest ever football player the world has ever seen. In that time, I have also welcomed my son, Ayokunnumi ‘Yaseer Arafah’ Gbade-Bello to the world.

Crooked by Design: Of Funding, Prejudice, and The Nigeria Police Force

I originally started writing this piece from the Divisional HQ of the Nigeria Police ‘A’ Division, somewhere around Unity Road in Ilorin at midnight 2:34am on Saturday, February 22 2020.

Barely able to find any sleep on the wooden…

FIFA The Best Player Award

The 2019 FIFA Best Player Award took place a few days ago in Milan, but typical with most award ceremonies, this wasn’t without its controversies — from Lionel Messi winning the award for “The Best FIFA Men’s Player” to Real Madrid having 4 players in the World FIFPro 11 (Best…

Do you have a business role model?

Disclaimer: Not to be mistaken for “Business Model” (I’ll share a post on this at a later date). Also not the same as a mentor, because you do not need to have met or be acquainted. Meaning, you need not be bothered about…

The greatest threat to your dreams is not an absence of presence, but the drought of thought — AGB 2019

Image from the Tea from the Tillerman album art

I’ve been listening to Cat Steven’s Tea from the Tillerman album recorded and released in 1970 and this particular line from the Father and Son track struck me:

“You may…

1990: My parents break into a smile while celebrating my mum’s 35th birthday

Present day: I celebrated my 35th birthday a few days ago.

Another 365 days, another birthday and time for deep introspection.

I vividly recall my mum’s 35th birthday celebration like it was yesterday, all the way down to the orange t-shirt I wore.

Laser-engraved brick from Liverpool FC

Someone I used to know made fun of me in the past for “reading football”. Strange but true. Would you blame me? These days, 90 minutes feels like such a long time to watch 22 grown men kick a round leather ball across a pitch. Even more frustrating is the…

This has got to be the most productive decade for mankind. Technology is driving innovation all around us, which also exposes us to a high risk of redundancy.

redundancy |rəˈdəndənsē|: the state of being not or no longer needed or useful.

I know some would point out the contradiction to…

The Nomads

Social media (in all its manifestations) often appears like the world’s best kept secret but even then, it is undeniable that there are no secrets on social media! A notification here, a nudge there, you’re constantly reminded (read that as harassed) about milestones, goals and projections.

If you pay closer…

Inset: Seyi Abolaji, Co-founder/CEO Wilson’s Lemonade

Where do I start from? How about from scratch?

Saturday 3rd of November 2018 and I could have been anywhere. From staying back with my friend/host in Remo (I was invited the previous day as guest speaker at Babcock University where he lectures), on my bed (introvert, anti-social, whatever!). I…

Ayoola Gbade-Bello

Find me on the edge of tomorrow, at the intersection of Data, Design and Technology, available to connect with you.

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